Kantor_Traces: ON A SUNNY DAY”

Saburo Teshigawara/KARAS (Japan) & Amareya Theatre and Guests (Poland)

Concept/Direction: Saburo Teshigawara

Assistant of director: Rihoko Sato, Katarzyna Pastuszak

Scenography: Saburo Teshigawara

Light design: Saburo Teshigawara 

Lighting assistant: Hiroki Shimizu

Wardrobe/Production assistant: Eri Wanikawa

Coproduction: Misako Ueda - Theatre X (Tokyo), KARAS, EPIDEMIC (Richard Castelli, Florence Berthaud, Chara Skiadelli, Claire Dugot)

Premiere: 29.10.2015, Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre


Kantor_Traces: ON A SUNNY DAY” is a coproduction of the renown Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara and Polish performative collective - Amareya Theatre & Guests. The performance is inspired by art of Tadeusz Kantor and it aims at new reading of „traces” left by this outstanding theatre and visual arts reformer. The dialogue with the art of Tadeusz Kantor that Amareya Theatre & Guests undertakes together with Saburo Teshigawara is also a search for their own art language „post-Kantor”. An important point of departure in the process of creation were the texts of Brunon Schulz, which resonate closely with the art of Kantor. The music was composed and performed live by Joanna Duda and Jan Młynarski. The performance will be presented also in Theatre X in Tokyo within „Tadeusz Kantor GoEnNen Performance Festival 2015” curated by Misako Ueda.


"Kantor makes me imagine of somebody totally soaked in rain.
Schulz makes me imagine someone standing when the sun comes out just after it has rained.
But no one knows when the sunny day will come.
That is because both of these men's bodies are maybe already like rain.
It is a fall, not literally, but more physically.
Your interior rain endlessly falling from somewhere endlessly high.
Though it maybe sunny outside, these people are soaked because they are inside.” [Saburo Teshigawara]