• Concept: Dorota Androsz, Anna Kalwajtys, Katarzyna Pastuszak
  • Performance: Dorota Androsz, Anna Kalwajtys, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Agnieszka Kamińska, Joanna Duda
  • Music: Joanna Duda, Agnieszka Kamińska
  • Texts: Heiner Müller „Hamletmaschine”, Dorota Androsz
  • Premiere: 13-18.09.2013, Redplexus Festival - Préavis de Désordre Urbain / Marseilles France / www.redplexus.org


“Ophelia_3” is an an interdisciplinary performance project developed by OFFELIA COLLECTIF initiated by Dorota Androsz (actress, Wybrzeze Theatre Gdansk), Katarzyna Pastuszak (dancer, Amareya Theatre) and Anna Kalwajtys (performer) and accompanied by the experimental musician – Joanna Duda (Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, J=J, AuAuA) and Agnieszka Kaminska (Atment Trio, Amareya Theatre).
“Ophelia_3” continues the intellectual and artistic research that Androsz/Kalwajtys/Pastuszak have been carrying on the subjects of freedom, identity and authenticity since 2012. Looking at these issues through the lens of contemporary critical theory and Heiner Müller’s and Dorota Androsz’s texts, Androsz/Kalwajtys/Pastuszak have so far created two presentations “Ophelia” and “Ophelia #2”.


“Ophelia_3” is the third project of OFFELIA COLLECTIF created especially for the Redplexus Festival - Préavis de Désordre Urbain and strongly inspired by the critical feminist theory. The project “Ophelia_3” presents three female subjects that undergo transformation. The trajectory of the transformation runs from a rough form of enslavement (limitation of sound, movement, expression) to freedom characterised by fluidity of movement (inspired by the ever-present motif of wave in Hadid’s architecture), expressing the relentless search for (hybrid) identity in the contemporary world. Additional improvised vocal and experimental music developed by Joanna Duda and Agnieszka Kaminska will create an additional layer of the performance and in a dialogical manner inhabits the space of Marseille’s architecure .


Our main goal in “Ophelia_3” is to initiate a dialogue about the status of female subject in the contemporary consumer society and in the moment of global crisis of humanity. In this project we aim to criticise definitions and social roles that enslave female subjects in the world defined mainly by men. In “Ophelia_3” we want trespass definitions of artistic genre and gender and search for a voice of a human being. This is the core of our resistance against global crisis of humanity. Therefore we want to make our artistic and critical gesture in the complex environment of multicultural Marseille. “Ophelia_3” aims at creating a multidimensional performance where each individual endlessly creates a draft of his/her fluid subjectivity. In the process of the performance we want to engage the audience in this very action.

Furthermore, by placing the project in the urban space we aim to highlight the contrast between urban architecture (office buildings) that symbolises to us the inhuman order of global capitalism and the untamed/undomesticated female energy/creativity/emotionality. We also want to reclaim the urban space as a space of social dialogue.


The presentation of the project OPHELIA_3 at the Redplxus Festival was made possible with the support of the City of Gdansk within the Cultural Scholarship - Mobility Fund 2013