The Blind Lady

The Blind Lady at the Salons

  • Solo performance of Aleksandra Śliwińska
  • Concept/ choreography: Aleksandra Śliwińska
  • Dance: Aleksandra Śliwińska
  • Music: Agnieszka Kamińska
  • Consultations: Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak, Agnieszka Kamińska
  • Lights: Amareya Theatre
  • Costumes: Sabina Czupryńska
  • Premiere: 18.11.2012

The performance "Blind lady at the Salons" is a collection of stories about women, and the attempt at answering the question: what makes us judge someone as normal/abnormal? How can this (ab)normality limit us and lead to isolation and loneliness ?
...the man, wearing the coat of everydayness, struggles to protect himself against criticism and labels, hides his feelings and emotions, which are never spoken because of fear. This leads to loneliness, insanity, unhappiness. The questions roar inside, the fear of exposure paralyses the senses...