2 (2)


  • Concept: Katarzyna Pastuszak
  • Dance/movement: Katarzyna Pastuszak 
  • Music live: Joanna Duda
  • Consultations: Agnieszka Kaminska, Aleksandra Sliwinska 
  • Video: Katarzyna Pastuszak 
  • Premiere: 25.10.2013, Klub Zak Gdansk
  • Realised with the support of Gdansk City Council 

“2” is a performance project developed by dancer/performer Katarzyna Pastuszak (PL) and pianist/ composer Joanna Duda (PL). In “2” we approach the concept of dialogue from a philosophical perspective, through interaction between dance/movement and live piano music. “2” is a performance about listening and communicating beyond words, about becoming other through word-less communication, about being between one and the other. The performance “2” in a certain ways also undertakes the problem of layers that we as human beings cover our body with to create a fake identity. In the course of performance the process of digging under the fake layers is undertaken in order to give birth to a (non)human being that expresses itself through nakedness, movement, sweat, sound and interacts closely with the dynamic piano music created by Joanna Duda.

“2” is a part of a larger project developed by Katarzyna Pastuszak entitled “33_33_33”. The project will encompass 33 performances and artistic actions planned for 365 days – from 16 Aug 2013 (Pastuszak’s 33rd birthday) to 16 Aug 2014 (Pastuszak’s 34th birthday).

Katarzyna Pastuszak and Joanna Duda - have been collaborating together since 2013. The first work that Pastuszak and Duda created together was entitled "Ophelia_3" (Offelia_Collectif) and it premiered at the Redplexus Festival - Préavis de Désordre Urbain in Marseille (France) in September 2013. They created also the project "2" with dance of Pastuszak and live music by Duda and a group performance called "Fetish.wtf" that was directed by Dorota Androsz from Teatr Wybrzeze in Gdansk and included live music and video by Joanna Duda.